Meet the Founder: Carina Chaz, Dedcool

3 min readNov 27, 2021


To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we chatted with some of the small business owners from each of the cities we operate in. First up, Carina Chaz, of DedCool in Los Angeles.

Q: For those who don’t know, tell us a little about yourself and your brand?

I founded DedCool when I was 21. I created my company as an extension of my passion for cologne, masculine scents. I cultivated an early appreciation for natural ingredients before clean beauty was a hashtag. I began experimenting and developed a proclivity for fragrance. From formulation to packaging to use cases– the system demanded change. My curiosity led me to create DedCool, a fragrance brand that took issues seriously, just not itself.

Q: What inspired you to create Dedcool?

Our fragrances can be combined or worn alone. Liberated from traditional fragrance forms,we build a new olfactory system. Anchored by approachable fine fragrances, we play with scent to give it new forms: we reimagine functional fragrance.

From sourcing to formulation to packaging to end use, each product is conceived with the highest quality and sustainable ingredients composed in innovative formulations to mitigate water use, while providing the customer with a product that lasts. DedCool’s foundation really stems from inclusivity, education & quality products. We hope to inspire people to shop consciously, without having to compromise.

DedCool commits to using vegan ingredients, water free formulations, beneficial organic extracts, and sustainable packaging to boost our impact for you and the planet.

Q: As a small business, do you or your team do anything special for Small Business Saturday?

DedCool has turned into quite the direct to consumer business- to make our black Friday / cyber Monday attainable for everyone, we have one sale that flows through 10 days. Making sure everyone can gift their loved ones and themselves this holiday season.

Q: You’ve expanded fragrance outside of perfume into fresheners and detergents, any other spaces you’re looking into that you might be able to share?

We translate fragrance across mediums so that scent is practically applied in your life. We embed fragrance into the items we use most to boost their functionality. Dedcool easily integrates into daily touch points — extending our signature scents into otherwise mundane products from laundry detergent to car air fresheners. With that being said, we like to push boundaries and offer our consumers a little more of an *obscure* offering. Just know, we’re making goodies for your furry friends…

Q: What is something you hope FastAF users will gain from your product?

We’re big fans of FastAF over here, it’s awesome people can shop in real time and have a 2 hour delivery- perfect if you’re lips are dry, pick up a balm…if your clothes are dirty…pick up some laundry detergent & if you’re kinda stinky (it’s okay, we all get a little stinky) pick up a fragrance. Last but not least, my favorite use of the app… Forgot to get a gift for your friend, lover, parent, dog etc…. FastAF got you covered.

Q: Any tips or tricks for picking a fragrance for friends or family members, especially with the holidays coming up?

TBH….. DedCool smells really really great and you SHOULD be giving the gift of Dedcool this year.




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