Meet the Founder: Charlie Stackhouse, Cinnamon Projects

3 min readNov 27, 2021


To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we talked to some of our favorite small business founders in each of the cities we operate in, including Charlie Stackhouse of Cinnamon Projects in New York City.

Q: For those who don’t know, tell us a little about yourself and your brand?

Founded in 2014 by Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse, Cinnamon Projects is a design studio that explores the dynamic between intention, ritual, object and scent.

Q: What inspired you to create Cinnamon Projects?

Combining their degrees in architecture, graphic design, photography and sculpture with professional experience in the luxury marketplace has allowed the duo to hone their instincts and define a diverse skill set with a distinct shared perspective.

Adhering to the modernist mantra “form follows function”, their designs are minimalist expressions which honor ancient ritual and natural materials in forms created for purpose and crafted by hand.

Perpetually curious and motivated by a love for fragrance, artifacts and image making, an ever-evolving collection of burning incense, fine perfume oils and objects was created and has since been coveted and collected around the world.

Q: November is often associated with giving, based on your inspiration to create the company, could you discuss how this month specifically resonates with your brand, product, and overall mission?

Initially Cinnamon Projects was a true labor of love… we created incense and burners as gifts for our family and friends. It was a way to share and exchange ideas of practice, process and intention. When our circle wanted to replenish their supplies and spread the message, our project evolved into a business. Now, years later, we are incredibly grateful for the continually supportive feedback and inspired that our simple collection continues to be a platform for positivity.

Q: As a small business, do you or your team do anything special for Small Business Saturday?

On SBS, we shop of course! It’s the perfect excuse to lift our eyes up from our own work and be supportive to the brilliant makers in our community.

Q: Cinnamon Projects offers a wide assortment of options, any tips for picking out the perfect gift for a friend or family member?

Scent allows one to set a mood or intention so, according to our clients, friends and us, it’s all about variety. Our Series Box never fails to get a smile.

Q: What is something you hope FastAF users will gain from your product?

Our hope is that the FastAF tribe will find Cinnamon Projects scents and burners to be sensory tools they may use to elevate their focus, playtime and practices.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

Spread love.




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